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About the Club


The purpose of the Piedmont 'N Southern Model Railroad Club is to promote the hobby of model railroading through creation of an operating modular N-scale model railroad layout built to Ntrak and/or Bend Track standards. This layout is intended to be displayed to the general public. 


To accomplish this goal, a group of interested model railroaders formed a N-scale model railroad club in July of 2009 The decision was made to build a four foot Ntrak module with a Mountain Division. This module, along with seven refurbished modules (built for the former Piedmont 'N Southern Model Railroad Club of Greenville, SC) completed an 8' x 10' operating layout.

In September of 2009, a set of By-Laws was approved by the Club members. The name of the Club is the Piedmont 'N Southern Model Railroad Club (reviving the name of the former Ntrak club of the 1980's and 1990's).

2010 saw the construction of a new Ntrak to Bend Track transition module, including the Mountain Division.  This module allows the Piedmont 'N Southern Model Railroad Club to join with Bend Track modules owned by Club members and other Bend Track clubs.  We also built a Logging module to Bend Track standards, plus it connects to the Mountain line of the transition module.

2011 was spent adding scenery to the new modules, and sharing the hobby at a number of great shows.

In 2012, we have completed the staging yard, featuring power control to all 8 tracks, plus a switchable programming track.  The yard entrance module was also completed, featuring two crossovers to facilitate entry and exit.

In 2013, we have engineered and constructed a "geezer gate" module to allow walkthrough access to the "pit" and staging yard.  It includes relays to stop traffic on the adjoining modules when the gate is open, and we've added a good-looking campground scene.  This gate is a swing-in access "door" through all four tracks (including the mountain line).  The non-hinged side is cut on a expanding-radius curve to provide for a tighter fit and better self-alignment.
We also joined with several other clubs at the NMRA 2013 National Train Show in Atlanta (July 14-20).  We built a "bolt-on wye" to fit the Industry corner, and spruced up all the modules to look their best.  The convention was a big success.
We also purchased a new trailer for transporting and storing our club modules.


We have began work on a Mountain Industry module, supporting switching from the Mountain Line.  We've also made good progress on a bolt-in side yard and a new corner add-on with a turntable.  The Mountain Industry will have a passenger station, and some sort of industrial area, accessed from the mountain line.
Long-term, we're planning to make two NTrak reverse loops, so we'll have an option to "daylight" the pit area. 

Club Membership 

Membership in the Piedmont 'N Southern Model Railroad Club is open to anyone with an interest  in the hobby of model railroading in general and N-scale model railroading in particular. There are no restrictions based on age, race or gender.  We have members from various Upstate SC locations, such as Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Mauldin, Easley, etc.

Contact Information 

Use our [Online Contact Form]

Write us at: 
Piedmont 'N Southern Model Railroad Club
P.O. Box 864
Mauldin, SC 29662

or visit the club's [Yahoo Group]  Note: we use the Yahoo Group to schedule work sessions and meetings, so sign up if you're interested in attending.

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